Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Awards Banquet

My running club, Rocky Mountain Road Runners, held it's annual awards banquet. Our club is a volunteered based club and is really starting to gain energy. We are hosting a 50th Anniversary week this year and I am helping out with planning.

The banquet was held at the Fox Hollow Golf Course and the food was great.

Here are the awards I received:
9th Place - 2008 Trophy Series
4th Place - 2008 Male Scratch (fast male)
Co-Race Director Blanket
Moving on up. I received 16th place for the 2007 trophy series and 5th place for the 2007 male scratch. RMRR has great members and I love the races every month!!


ShirleyPerly said...

Congratulations! Certainly does appear you're moving up. Blankets make great gifts (I've been using one I got a lot lately).

Brent Buckner said...