Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hard Workout

Mile Repeats. Yikes.
WarmUp:15 min
5x1 mile:
Cool Down: 22 min

Total: 9.75 miles
Avg. repeat 6:26.4

Hard day...but good day. My hip/leg issue still exists :0( But I try to run despite having issues. Should I take time off. YUCK...??...?? Salt Lake City Marathon is only 88 days away. Can't stop now.??


Brent Buckner said...

I think it's a lot better to heal properly and perhaps miss one particular event than risk screwing something up for a *long* time.

Bike and swim could still be there for you while you rehab run stuff!

Bob Almighty said...

Trigger point and lifitng especially lunges and squats should help...also cutting back on the mileage will also help. 88 days is still a long time to train.

Sadly I too am suffering an injury so I feel you on the "I've gotta train, but need to rest to avoid doing something stupid, debate."

ShirleyPerly said...

Maybe see a massage therapist or other person to see if you can work through it? You're still nearly 3 months out from your race and so it's perhaps better to take care of this now before you get into doing 20+ mile long runs.