Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mile Repeats

I woke up early this morning to help move my grandmothers stuff out of her apartment. I spent 3-4 hours moving, but not all was hardcore labor. There was quite a bit of lifting involved, but we had 10-12 people helping out.

I came back home and I was off to the track. What on earth am I doing at the track?? Mile Repeats. Yuck. I did 5 mile repeats last week and they were all on the trail. I ran about 3 miles to the track. I did a little stretching before and off I went. In between repeats I ran about 1:00-1:30 at a much slower pace.

Mile Repeat #1: 6:08
Mile Repeat #2: 5:54
Mile Repeat #3: 5:53
Mile Repeat #4: 5:59
Mile Repeat #5: 6:07
Mile Repeat #6: 6:18
Average Repeat: 6:03

My goal for each repeat was 6:25-6:30. I did just that. The track seemed to be much faster. I wasn't too impressed with the gusty wind. I feel like I am going to be sick now. I hope that the rest of the day I won't be too worthless.

Am I ready to qaulify for Boston Marathon?? Not sure yet, but I hope to be ready in 75 days.

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