Saturday, June 14, 2008

Last weekend before Ironman

That's right. Last weekend before Ironman weekend and I went to Aurora Reservoir for more training. This is the 4th week in a row that I have swam the reservoir and today I only swam 3,000 yards. I didn't want to overdue it.

Getting faster!! Thursday's workout at the pool the fastest swim workout since I started training for triathlons. That is a cool thing to say. I am able to swim farther and fatigue less. That's Ironman training!!!

Today's swim was better than the last three open water swims. It was about the same coldness, but I just felt like I had more in me. Plus there were others swimmers and I felt awesome!

I swam 3,000 yards in 55:40.05. I got out at 2,000 yards and ran just a little bit. My hands and feet weren't nearly as numb and cold today. I think it made a difference that it was hot day already and no wind. The lake was calm!!

I decided to make it a brick workout so I could get my workouts done and over with. I rode my bike for 1:55:00 and went about 40 miles. I averaged 19.6 mph and I was slowing down. I know now not to push it too hard at Ironman!!

No sunscreen today, and I sure did pay for it. I finally bought some Aloe Vera, but I look so red and starting to get a triathlon tan. Yikes. Well, at least Ironman is week away and I have enough time to peel if necessary. Tomorrow is a 1hr bike and 30-40 min run brick. It will be a early morning workout!!

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Judi said...

You must be so psyched. I can't wait too. :)