Friday, June 13, 2008

Ironman Dream

I had a dream early this morning about Ironman. How cool! It was a good dream, thank goodness.

Not much to it. Nicole and I arrived early and we started meeting other athletes. Booths/Exhibits were just setting up and the store was starting to open. The hats were cool!!

I was doing a quick tune up on my bike. I was checking my tires, brakes, etc. I had another blogger friend (TriGreyhound or Spokane Al) check it out. I remember them borrowing my bike for a quick test ride. I also remember my bike being very dirty. I remember asking if he was going to stop at midpoint??

That's really it. I need to go tune on my bike now. Bye.


momo said...

you weren't naked or anything in your dream? my first ironman dream involved trying to get to the swim start and having no wetsuit, nothing. then no bike. it was awful. :-)

see you so soon!!

Iron Eric said...

LOL. No nake dreams for me.

blink said...

Shoot me your celly via me blogger profile e-mail and I'll give you a shout so we can hook-up.

Do it before monday if you can.

If for some reason we don't, have a great race.