Saturday, January 26, 2008

Team Zoot GU

I have joined a Team for 2008. I joined Team Zoo GU. I have really enjoyed the GU Nutrition and have a Zoot Tri Suit.

Here listed are all the goodies that I will receive:
custom team logo tri racing top, custom team logo tri shorts, visor socks, four 48 packs GU Energy Gel, two canisters GU2O powdered drink mix, eight water bottles, three gel flasks, one gel flask bike mount.

There is a membership cost that is part of joining this team. I searching into this and did lots of research before I joined. I am now very excited and can't wait to get the gear. More pictures to come!

Here is the acceptance letter:

Congratulations on being selected for Team Zoot GU 2008!

We are eager to kick off the inaugural year of our co-sponsored triathlon team, and we are equally thrilled to extend an invitation to you to join the ranks of 300 specially selected men and women nationwide who will initiate this exciting venture. You have been chosen from a field of several hundred applicants due to your accomplishments, goals and enthusiasm in the sport of triathlon and in the multi-sport community as a whole. We welcome you as a brand ambassador and are proud to support you throughout your upcoming season!

Zoot and GU share title sponsorship of the team, and as a team member you are required to race in Zoot apparel and fuel with GU Energy Gels and GU2O Sports Drink. As stated in the team application, you will receive a significantly discounted Team Kit of race apparel and nutrition products.


SUB6 said...

Exciting times! :) .... must be great to know you are part of a big team. well done for getting in! :)


ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on making the team!

Bigun said...

Hey good for you!
Enjoy the Gu!
Try not to Poo!
In your Zoot Suit!

(started with just the good for you...I'm not much for poetry!)