Sunday, January 20, 2008

Race #2

Frosty's Frozen 5 Mile
5 Mile/10 Mile Run
I volunteered for the Rudolph's Revenge race in December, so I was offered a free race. I chose to run the Frosty's Frozen 5 Mile run. I didn't want to run the 10 mile because it was too long and I had the Chilly Cheeks Duathlon #2 the day before.

I got to Chatfield State Park with about 30 minutes to spare. No time to waste!! I checked in, went to the last time... and put my stuff in the car. It was time to race.

When we started, it felt really easy to run fast. I tried my hardest this time to control myself. I did just that. My first mile wasn't all out. About mile 2.5 was the turn off point. I grabbed my water and went left. Everyone I was running with went straight. That's pretty odd. The running terrain wasn't the best. The first half was great. No snow. The second half was some snow the whole way.

I noticed there were about 3 people in striking distance. Long story short...I caught one. The other two were about 30 seconds away. I just couldn't catch them. I slowed a little at the finish because there was a good amount of snow and I didn't want to trip in front of all those people.

I finished 5th place overall and 1st in my age division! I reached my goal. I finished 1st in something. My "Beer pint trophy" is pretty cool.

Total time: 33:04
Avg Pace: 6:35/mile
Distance: 5 miles
Calories Burned: 593
Mile 1: 6:12, Mile 2: 6:34, Mile 3: 6:48, Mile 4: 6:47, Mile 5: 6:34


Brent Buckner said...


Good for holding a recovery beverage too....

ShirleyPerly said...

I love useful awards. Great job on the 1st place AG finish!

Tea said...

You keep that up, and no telling where you'll be for IM!

(did you decide on what to do about the YOU KNOW WHAT?) ;)