Monday, January 14, 2008

Running while Traveling

This week has been a very unusual week. I drove with my family to South Carolina. We crammed 5 adults into a Kia and traveled 1,600+ miles. This really was pretty crazy. I will do things differently next time. I will bring my wife with me and either drive or fly. I saved lots of money by traveling with my parents.

Enough said. The funeral service went well. My grandmother was a good person and will be greatly missed. I didn't shed a tear, but I was close a couple times. Grandma hasn't been well for over 12 years now. This made it easier for me because she has been suffering for a long time.

My grandmothers last words were: "Come and get me Jesus, I have suffered long enough". Pretty amazing, especially that she hasn't spoke for so long.

My training went pretty well while I was gone. I ran several times. I woke up early, twice, before a long car drive.

1/8/08 5:16am, Time: 53:19, 6.75 miles, 7:54/mile, 921 calories
1/11/08 9:22am, Time: 42:42, 5.42 miles, 7:53/mile, 549 calories
1/13/08 5:16am, Time: 57:38, 7.0 miles, 8:14/mile, 951 calories

My first and third run were in Grain Valley, Missouri. We stayed there both times and I ran about the same area. It is pretty funny to see that I ran at the same time too. I brought all my running gear with me, including my headlight.

Final Thoughts...
I feel very blessed. I have discovered that I am doing all this triathlon and stuff because "I can". This may seem silly, but it's true. I have the ability and the will to keep myself healthy, fit and love life. THANK YOU for all your prayers!!!

Now its back to the pool and bike! Yeah!


ShirleyPerly said...

Welcome back. Glad the trip went well and that you were able to get some running in. Sometimes doing something different can be refreshing to your routine.

Iron Eric said...

My routine is getting a little better. Still a little slow getting back into the swing of things.

Brent Buckner said...

Good perspective.