Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Iron Eric’s Blog Update April / May 2013

Swim Update

I’ve been doing a good job getting to the pool in enough time to complete my swim workout. I have been swimming around 2200 yards on Monday and Wednesdays and around 3500 yards on Fridays.

Getting into the swimming routine is always a plus. I have a certain set I do every morning.

The Trails Recreation Center pool has been extremely crowded some days. Each lane has at least 2 swimmers, and sometimes 3. I usually don’t mind sharing a lane, it just depends on the swimmer.

Run Update

Where to even start with my run? I feel like I have gone back two steps in my running speed. I have been about 15 seconds slower per mile, during races, no matter the distance.

Hippity Hop Easter Trot 10 Finish
Award Photo with Easter Bunny (2nd Place)

Stapleton 5M start

Bradley 5K Leaders

Leading the Bradley 5K

I have averaged around 30-40 miles per week while adding extra swim and cycling workouts.

Races Completed:
• Hippity Hop Easter Trot: 37:02
• RMRR City Park 4 mi: 23:58
• Bradley International 5K Fun Run: 17:45
• Stapleton Central Park 5mi: 30:05
• Mission Viejo 5K: 18:01

Track Workouts

I missed a couple weeks running with the Phidippides Track Club due to the bad weather. It snowed more than usual in April. I did one track workout on the treadmill at work. Hill repeats have been a success.

Bike Update

A few changes have been made this year to change things up and to get me faster. I have purchased new shoes, cleats, pedals, bike seat, bike bag and a customized bike fitting.

I learned a few things during my customized bike fitting.

1) My bike is outdated
2) I have tight hamstrings
3) Speed is not all about the bike

I have had some good rides and a few long ones. I have been exploring new areas and rode into the mountains with a cycling friend. I have now more than three 65+ mile rides. Each different skill level with one leaving me completely fried.

I need to concentrate more during my rides. I had a minor crash which gave me some bad road rash and a hurt ego. I was able to ride to Bicycle Village and get me bike fixed. It needed some adjustments.

Nutrition Update

Nothing new as far as nutrition updates. Some days are better than others when it comes to eating well. Cookies, cakes and beer have been my weakness.

Weights Update

My Wednesday weight session has been non-existent. I am not sure why I stopped? I should start this back up.

Workout History Data

2013 1-Jan 1-Feb 1-Mar 1-Apr 1-May YTD

Run: 148.39 147.26 141.76 148.03 60.42 645.86 miles
Bike: 278.33 268.61 282.24 354.59 167 1350.77 miles
Swim: 26000 5000 30750 23000 6600 91350 yards

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