Friday, March 15, 2013

Iron Eric’s Blog Update March 2013

Swim Update
Adding swim sessions back into my weekly routine has been challenging. I started swimming again in December 2012. I started off slow with short workouts. I watched a few swim videos and checked out some swim books from the library. I have incorporated swim drills into my workouts. I have been working hard to perfect my form.
Me at California International Marathon

                           in Dec 2012

I started swimming at the local recreation center that is within 1 mile from my house. I chose to swim there because it opens early, close to home and few swimmers are there at 5am. Shortly after I signed up for a monthly membership, the pool closed for repairs. The pool was meant to be closed for only a few days, but some needed repairs were required. I did not swim much in February due to the closure. The closure put a damper on my swim workouts which forced me to swim at another pool.

Run Update
Running is my strong point. I have logged over 10,000 miles since 2007. I hit an all time high with mileage in 2012 with 2493.57 miles. 2013 has different challenges because my “A” race is Ironman Arizona. This means I need to run less and start swimming and cycling more. This has been a hard task because I don’t want to give up my running speed.
RMRR Trophy Series in Jan 2012

I have averaged around 30-40 miles per week while adding extra swim and cycling workouts.

Races Completed:
• Snowman Stampede
• RMRR Platte River Bar and Grill – 7mi
• RMRR Crown Hill Park – 3mi

Track Workouts
March means early track workouts. I will continue to run with the Phidippides Track Club. I am not certain how many workouts I will be able to attend. I am usually one of the top runners in the group and may want to scale things back a little so I can conserve my energy for the other disciplines of triathlon.

Bike Update
A majority of my workouts have been indoors. Colorado is hit or miss when it comes to the weather and I need to make sure the roads are in safe conditions. I have had a few long sessions outdoors and anticipate learning new road and paths to travel. My mileage is 600+ which is close to last year’s totals.

I hope to do more century rides in 2013. I want to build the endurance and strength to ride long.

I will be making a few big purchases this year to enhance my cycling performance. Shoes, pedals, seat and a customized bike fitting will improve my cycling.

Nutrition Update
I have changed my nutrition and eating habits. Starting in the 2nd week of February I went on a Fodmaps Diet plan which consists of No Gluten, No Diary, No artificial sweeteners, No High Fructose and limits certain fruits and vegetables. I have been trying to relieve some stomach issues: cramps, bloating and gas. I have had these issues for several months now. This new diet has helped improve some of the symptoms, but not all. I have been slowly consuming dairy, wheat and other products. This has not made my symptoms worse, but not better.
Snowman Stampede in Feb 2013

My goal is to eat as healthy as possible.

Weights Update
I lift weights every Wednesday afternoon. I have 8 straight weeks of workouts now. My goal is to strengthen my muscles to improve my triathlon disciplines.

Workout History Data
Jan-13 Feb-13 Mar-13 YTD
Run: 148.39 147.26 24.93 320.58 miles
Bike: 278.33 268.61 57.73 604.67 miles
Swim: 26000 5000 7450 38450 yards


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