Thursday, August 30, 2007

Days Off

Yuck. I don't like it when I am almost forced to take a day off. My days off are on Fridays. I really enjoy Fridays because its such a fantastic day and I only go to work. Sometimes I might do my core exercises.

I had Sears come in yesterday. They gave us an estimate on a new air conditioning system. We currently don't have one so my wife and I have been thinking seriously about it. Once we got the qoute from Sears we told them we had to think about it. 4G's is a bit you have to think. looks like I might be installing a Swamp Cooler for the house myself. That sure does sound like a big project. There will be a few days off?

No early workouts this morning because I am heading to the DMV to get a new license. I lost mine a few weeks ago because I had my bike bag open. I found my debit card, but no driver license. I have been procrastinating because I never could find time (at least an hour) to go sit in line. Well I am off. No 4,000+ meter swim this morning.


Tea said...

funny...we both were forced into a day off.

I had a swamp cooler growing up, and it certainly was nice adding humidity to the air.

Duane said...

Hey Eric! Looking forward ot reading your journey to C . . D . . A!

Andy said...


It is funny reading about your debate on installing HVAC! Then I remember that you live in Aurora, CO...

If you were in Atlanta, there would be no debate, you would happily throw down 4 G's and be estatic when it got installed. It is finally going to begin cooling down this week (don't know if it will be permanent yet) and by the weekend we should be in the 80's for the forseeable future.

Bagged my swim this morning too!