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Recent Happenings

Father’s Day Mile
The Rocky Mountain Road Runners hosted a 1 mile race on a Thursday night at Denver City Park.  This course was created to be fast and fairly flat.  This event was in early June so I had 3 solid months of track workouts.  How do you train for a Mile event when you are training for a marathon?  Good question.  I ran 5 easy miles early that morning in hopes that I could recover in enough time.  I also took it easy at the track workout 2 days prior.

My goal was to set a personal best.  The first 400 was screaming fast.  I had some awesome competition and I was nearly leading the pack.  I glanced at my watch and by the 800 meter mark I was well on my way. I was too far ahead and the last 800 meters was slower.  I could tell I was slowing down.  It was time to hold on and finish strong.  Too much energy was wasted and the lead pack slowly got away.

Time: 4:52
Overall: 6th
AG: 2nd

Slacker Half Marathon
Slacker Half - Half way point.
The Slacker Half Marathon runs from Idaho Springs to Georgetown.  It starts at 7000+ feet of elevation and most of the race is down hill.  I have done this race before, but I learned a few things.  Nicole drove me to the start this year which reduced a large amount of stress.  I had more time to relax and the restroom breaks didn’t seem as dire.  The trail to this course has been modified some.  The gravel seemed to be better packed and had a wider trail.  Many of my running friends were at this event, so it made a better experience overall.

The race is downhill almost the entire way.  I was running at a good pace and tried to control myself on some of the downhill.  Putting on the breaks often made my recovery time last a little longer than usual.  Nicole and Ariel were cheering me on at the halfway point and at the finish.  I was able to push harder this year and didn’t fatigue as fast.  I think I was better prepared and ran a smarter race.  This resulted in my best half marathon time.

Time: 1:17:41
Pace: 5:56
Overall: 5th
AG: 3rd

Liberty Run 5K
The Liberty Run 5K was on July 4th.  We missed the neighborhood hoa’s kid parade to make this event.  I usually don’t run events on holidays.  This was the first race I’ve run on 4th of July.  Ariel got a chance to run in the Kids fun run before the main race started.  It was neat to see all the kids run and have a good time.  Shortly after the kids run, I went and warmed up.  I barely gave myself enough time.  I got back in enough time for the national anthem and brief stretching.
Liberty Run 5K Start

The race started fast.  A few runners dashed out too fast.  I held back some knowing they wouldn’t last.  They didn’t last and fell back after ¼ mile.  I did have some good competition where I was able to push my body hard.  Two runners slowly got away from me inch by inch.  They were gone by mile 1 or 2.  Not by best race, but I was able to pull off another personal record.

Time: 16:35
Pace: 5:21
Overall: 3th
AG: 1st

Rocky Mountain Road Runners (RMRR)
Stapeleton 5K Fast Male & Female
I love my running club.  I am the Membership Director.  I send out all the renewal letters and membership material.  I make sure the data is correct in the membership database.  I also help co-race direct a few races during the year.  RMRR offers 12 races a year with distances ranging 2-10 miles.  I have become the elite runner in the group.  I am defending the male scratch (fast male) award from 2011.  The club runs on a handicap system so all the fast runners are last.  I have been last for countless months.  I enjoy socializing with my fellow runners and help out when I can.  We have BBQs, pancake breakfasts and other social events that make the club enjoyable.

RMRR Marathon Training Series (MTS)
The Marathon Training Series (MTS) is part of the bread and butter of the club.  The MTS offers a 10 or 20 mile supported course 3 times in the spring and 3 times in the fall.  The fall course is offered in perfect timing for several big fall marathons (ex Denver or Chicago).  The fall course is setup for runners to go out 5 miles and 5 miles back on the Big Dry Creek Trail in Westminster.  The 20 mile option course is repeated twice.

I owe big thanks to GU for being a sponsor of this event.  GU gels are given on the course every 2 miles.  The Aid stations are at miles 2/8/12/18, 4/6/14/16 and 10/20.  I have been timing my nutrition to drink at every aid station and consume a gel every 6 miles.

I also provide GU trash cans, literature about (GU, GU brew and GU chomps) and a running/triathlon inspired poster.  I also give a quick nutrition talk before the race begins.  I tell the runners to make sure they are well hydrated and not to forget about nutrition.  I tell them about the gels on the course.  I tell them to contact me if they have any questions about sports nutrition.

MTS #1 - 20 miles
Time: 2:06:29
Pace: 6:19
Overall: 1st
AG: 1st
Track Workouts
Track workouts are critical to my speed and success.  This is my 3rd year running on the track and I run with a group called the Phidippides Track Club.  I run almost every Tuesday evening.  Track workouts are my 2nd workout of the day.  I can’t make all the workouts so I adjust my schedule to get the workout in.

That's me in front.
I think I run too hard some days.  I don’t hold back unless I have an upcoming race.  I don’t waste time and give it my all.  There are some other great runners in the group so I can push myself to new limits.  I enjoy the camaraderie of the group and give full support to everyone.

Denver Rock n Roll Marathon
My “A” race of the year is the Denver Rock n Roll Marathon.  I have been training extremely hard this year.  My goal is to run a 2:46 marathon.  This will be my 3rd attempt at this goal pace.  I’ve learned from a few mistakes I’ve made in the past and eager to tackle the grueling distance.  I have been averaging 60-80 miles per week and my longest run has been 22 miles.

I volunteered for the expo last year just 2 days before the race.  I was on my feet all day.  I will try harder this year to keep off my feet.  GU is a big sponsor of the race so I will be in full support and help out any way I can.  No wrong turns, no cramping and I will stay on top of my nutrition.
Hippity Hop 10K Overall Winner

My GU Usage
Track Workouts – 1 gel 10-15 prior
Hot Workouts – I try to plan my runs where the courses will have access to water.  I don’t bring liquids on most runs less than 6 miles, unless the temperature is over 90 degrees.  Runs over 8 miles I will take a gel every 6-7 miles or 45-55 minutes.  I will start consuming GU Brew after mile 2.  I try to sip at least 2-4oz every mile. 
Long Workouts – I fill up my water bottle full of GU Brew and I bring a GU Brew tablet for midway point.
Bike Rides – 2 bottles of GU Brew, chomps, gels and tablets just in case.
Early Morning Runs – I enjoy some GU Chomps just before my early morning medium long runs.
Recovery – during big workouts I will use GU Recovery drink shortly after.

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