Thursday, July 9, 2009

Long Ride, Open water swim and more

Lots of stuff going on these days. I have been busy, but in very different ways. I have been active and enjoying fatherhood. Fathers day was just like any father's day. We went over to my parents house and cooked my Dad a wonderful meal. Nicole bought Ariel a cute dress that she wore on Father's day.

Ariel and I were in the 4th of July parade at our subdivision party. That was fun. We had a nice family outing. I watched Ariel for a couple hours while Nicole went dress shopping.

I have been riding more. I have made a goal to ride my bike 2 days a week to work. I have made it 3 weeks in a row. I also had my longest ride of the year last weekend. 33 miles. WOW!!

I had a meeting at Aurora Reservoir on Tuesday so I went open water swimming afterwards. I swam 1,200m in the open water. It felt so great!! I wanted to keep swimming, but I had to stop. I have been running during my lunch break. I will run any where from 4-8 miles. What a wonderful lunch break I have!!!!


ShirleyPerly said...

Glad you had a good Father's Day & 4th!

Nice to hear you've been maintaining a good workout routine. Next time I visit CO, I'll bring my wetsuit and look for those reservoirs you've mentioned.

Judi said...

good job commuting! keep it up all you can! happy 1st father's day to you too!